Unorthodoxx Boxing Gloves - Black Mamba


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The Black Mamba is a women specific glove. It is unique design that has been created to support the hand and wrist perfectly, providing maximum transfer of power, protection and comfort. 

Made with premium grade leather and filled with quality complex layered foam padding. Water repellent nylon lining prevents moisture. Leather strap with hook and loop closure gives a firm and fast adjustment of the glove . Ideal for training, bag work, pad work and sparring.

Sizes available are 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

16oz - Used for sparring and/or by very heavy hitters.

14oz - good for an average sized woman who mainly punches bags and pads.

12oz - Perfect for women with smaller hands and teenage girls.

If assistance is needed with sizing please just drop us a message.

NPBA members that use Unorthodoxx:
Chris Eckersley - 12oz
Hayley Morgan - 12oz
Josie McNamara - 14oz


About Unorthodoxx

"Unorthodoxx has created a brand that gives women what they deserve, being equally as focused, dedicated and passionate about the sport as their male counterparts.

We have designed and created unique, ultra cool women specific boxing gloves and and training gear that that we are extremely proud of. Our gloves have been designed and engineered solely to fit a woman's hand. They have been tested, rejected and re-worked until we found the absolute perfect model. We are very passionate about boxing and are excited and thrilled to be able to offer female boxers something very special."