Speed Pads with Alex and Fie

4 week Speed Pads Workshop
6.00pm - 6.45pm

First session - Friday 12th January
Last session - Friday 2nd February

This is a brand new 4 week speed pads workshop starting on Friday 12th January. Alex and Fie will be delivering the session together each week for 4 consecutive Fridays.  They will cover the basic Boxercise punches and then move on to triggers and sequences building up the length and speed as we add to each combination. Lots of fun and progression guaranteed!!! 

For more info regarding the specifics of what will be covered, please talk to Fie or Alex at NPBA who will be taking this 4 week course.

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If you pay monthly, use the discount code MONTHLY to only pay £8 for the workshop.

10 places only.


1 - Pay online

2 - Complete the NPBA online registration form if you haven't already
16 & Over: https://forms.gle/hWj6JgyUYH5anKde8
Under 16: https://forms.gle/CesMNPcRZjooQaZp6

3 - Turn up every Friday at 6pm starting Friday 12th January - bring some cleaned trainers and a water bottle