Got Goals - 2021

January 01, 2021 2 min read


It's the start of a New Year and we know people are keen to set good intentions. Perhaps more than ever we feel we need to be part of something, to have a focus and some support to see us through the rest of the winter.

NPBA is putting on a 10 week course - starting on Monday 4th January to help our members (and newcomers) set their intentions and get some support in reaching their goals.

Whether it is to get stronger, move more, remain active, improve your mental health or feel less isolated, maybe we can help!?

What can be achieved between now and mid March? Maybe the world will be in a better place by then too!

What is it?
1. Unlimited Classes - With this course, you have unlimited access to all our online classes.  To see the benefit, we ask you to take at least two classes a week.
2. Achievable Goals - We will also ask you to set your 10 week intention/goals before you start and complete a short online form each Sunday to keep yourself accountable and on track.
3. Group Support - Join our Whatsapp coaching group so we can help each other with motivation and support.

How does it work?
Sign up for the 10 weeks course - pay £50 now and the remaining £50 by 7th February by bank transfer
Get UNLIMITED access to all our zoom classes - covering Boxercise, Bootcamp, Circuits, Strength & Conditioning

Here is our timetable for January before you decide....

📍 MONDAY 6.30pm - Power Box with Jo Mac
📍 TUESDAY 6pm - Bootcamp
📍 WEDNESDAY 10am - Boxercise
📍 WEDNESDAY 6.30pm - Strength & Conditioning
📍 THURSDAY 6pm - Boxercise
📍 FRIDAY 9.30am - Boxercise
📍 SATURDAY 10am - HIIT  session


A message from NPBA:
January is ripe for being sold every diet going with a toxic advertising suggesting you need to shrink yourself. This is not us. We promote body positivity rather than weight loss.  However we recognise that people want to set goals and intentions at the start of a New Year. We also recognise that people need "something" to keep them going right now. We want to support our members by focusing on creating a safe space for anyone to train with us. This course is beginner friendly.


If you are interested, can commit to two or more training sessions per week for 10 weeks and are happy to set some clear achievable goals then either:

1) WhatsApp Josie on 07989 538044 to find out more
2) If you already know how to use Gymcatch, go ahead and book the Got Goals package. Josie will create the Got Goals group and send out the online form for you to set your goals on Sunday 3rd January ready to start on Monday 4th!