Our coached boxing classes are suitable for anyone who wants to compete or just keep fit, from carded boxers to beginners. We have women only, mixed, beginner and improvers classes throughout the week. Check our timetable to see what is available.

As the first women-led boxing club, our priority is to offer girls and women a safe, welcoming environment to train in, whether that’s for amateur competition or fitness and well-being. However, boys and men are welcome and encouraged to attend our mixed and boys sessions.

If you have any questions on what to expect from your first session, please give Josie a call on 07989 538044


Monday 7.00pm - Boxing training with sparring
This session combines boxing training with sparring for those who wish. Those who want to spar will need a have a medical carried out by the club doctor.

Tuesday 7.00pm - Trans / Non Binary Boxing
This Trans accessible boxing session is fully funded so is free to attend. It covers the basics of boxing and uses boxing training to increase fitness, skill levels and overall wellbeing by training with a group of like minded individuals in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment.

Wednesday 6.30pm - Boxing training (All levels)
This class welcomes improvers to help them gain confidence in their boxing skills as well as training for more experienced boxers.

Thursday - 7.30pm - Boxing training
Our coached boxing classes are suitable for anyone who wants to compete or just keep fit. Open to anyone aged 12 years and over.

Saturday - 10.30am - Boxing Training (women only)
As above. Women only

All classes are £7 per session.
Members £6 a sessions
Under 21's - £5

We work with schools, community groups and social services - we believe boxing has something to offer everyone. If you want to explore the possibility of working with us, please call Josie on 07989 538044 or email us at


The carding process is for those who would like to become a competitive Amateur boxer.  This will give you your England Boxing Card and allows you to spar within the club, at other sparring events organised by the club and also to compete if you wish.

If you only wish to spar within the club you will still need to undergo a simple England Boxing medical to check if you are "fit to box" which are arranged in the club a couple of times a year.

What it means to be carded:
All competing boxers will need to be carded. Training to compete includes sparring with other members of your club to develop your skills. When you are ready to compete, your club coach will ‘match’ you (based on your age, weight and experience) for a club show or a skills bout. 

What it means to be a competitive boxer:
If you intend to compete in the given season you have been carded for, we expect you to train at the club at least twice a week, keep fit throughout the season and stay on weight in the run up to a bout. You will be expected to work closely with your coach towards a club show or skills bout. The coaches at NPBA will not enter anyone into a show or bout unless they are committed to their training and ready for a club show or a skills bout. 

To make training more affordable for those who intend to compete in the upcoming season, please talk to Josie about accessing the “Carded boxer” rate of £3 per class. This will be available to boxers who NPBA coaches feel will be ready for a club show or skills bout in the coming season.

Other Costs
Aside from the cost of training, the medical and the England boxing registration, there are other costs to consider such as the purchase of equipment such as boxing boots, a gum shield, wraps, body and head protection. From September 2021, all carded boxers will need to box in a NPBA boxing vest which will cost around £20. If any individuals / families are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Josie to see if we can help.


How to get carded / passed fit to spar:

If you are interested in competing for the club or sparring in the club please speak to one of the coaching team named below and confirm they are happy for you to get carded.  Please then text Josie on 07989 538044 and your name will be added to the list for the next set of medicals.

Jo McNamara (Level 2 coach)
Fie Hopper (Head coach)
Josie McNamara (Club manager)
Rebecca John (Level 1 coach)