Personal Training

Our coaches offer personal training sessions. These are for people of all levels of skill or fitness. They can be used to increase fitness and strength, or to improve boxing technique, either for those who want to compete or to simply get more out of the boxing classes.

Sessions can be booked by the hour, half hour or in blocks and generally start from £30 per hour with discount available for block bookings.

Sessions can also be shared with a friend/partner.

For more info, please contact the personal trainer directly or feel free to contact Josie at NPBA to discuss your needs - 07989 538044.


A good PT will motivate you and ensure you train correctly for your goals, but a great PT will also make your training sessions fun. I am a great PT!

Whatever your goal: losing body fat, improving your fitness, recovering from injury, or ill health, I will be there to motivate, encourage and help you to enjoy the journey. I have access to two gyms and I live on a farm, so I guarantee your training will be varied.

Personal training is personal, therefore if you want to bring your dog along - cool! No childcare - bring them along. Need a different day each week, no problem!

After a free 60 minute consultation and fitness assessment, we will work together to design a realistic, bespoke training program for you which takes into account your goals and lifestyle. The program will be reviewed and updated as you progress.

Individual PT sessions - £30 per hour. Book  and pay for 10 and get one free session.

Emma Walkerdine  
Call: 07764 486296



Having coached boxing for many years now, I pride myself in the results that many of my clients have achieved, both in regular classes and with one to one personal training. I am a strong believer and advocate of mindfulness and the power of the mind. Fitness and exercise raises serotonin levels and endorphins which in turn raises the mental health of a person as well as improving physical strength and well being.

On many occasion I have been complimented on the coaching I have delivered, guiding a client or boxer into the correct mental mindset to achieve personal goals, or win at competition level.

Over the years I have worked with boxers who have gone on to become professional boxers, who have competed in ABAE competitions and individuals who simply wanted to improve their boxing techniques, skills and fitness.

Being from a teaching background, I have the ability to adapt and change my coaching style to suit the needs of each individual. Whether you want to learn the basics, become fitter, or polish your current skill set, I will target carefully the improvement needed to be made.

My PT sessions can include technical development (with a boxing focus), cardio improvement, power, strength and stretch. We would set personal targets together and work carefully towards your goals, whether it be to step into the ring and compete or simply run up and down the stairs quicker.

It starts with a thought….it finishes when you are ready…but it happens in the moment.

Jo ‘Big Mac’ McNamara 
Call07415 972313