Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find info on what to expect from your class as well as some other questions we are frequently asked.  

What should I expect for my upcoming indoor class!

We have introduced extra COVID-Secure measures based on guidelines set by England Boxing. This means that whilst your experience with us may feel a little different to before, we want to help try and keep everyone safe at this time in line with current government guidelines.

Before you come to a class at the gym, we ask you to take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the key aspects noted below.

Most importantly, classes can only be attended by those who are well. If you - or anyone in your household - have any signs of any illness, you must not attend.

1. Participants will be asked to enter the gym when it is time for their class. Please do not enter the gym until the coach lets you know it is ok to enter.

2. You will be asked to enter the gym one by one keeping 2 metres between each person.

3. When you reach the reception area, you will be asked to wash your hands, remove your outdoor shoes and take what you need for the class (gloves, wraps, towel, water, training shoes etc) to your designated training area.

4. The gym has been marked out to allow 6 training areas with a minimum of 2 metres between each area. Each class is limited to 6 participants plus the coach.

5. Before the session starts, we will collect contact info from participants so that we can ensure we can track and trace effectively.

6. Participants must remain in their training area for the duration of the class with the exception of toilet breaks/water refills.
7. Windows and the front door will be left open for the duration of the class.

8. At the end of each class, each participant will be responsible for wiping down their equipment and area. Anti viral spray, paper towels and hand sanitiser will be provided.

9. Participants will then be asked to leave the gym in a socially distanced way, washing their hand upon leaving.

Where do we park when we arrive?

When you arrive please park in the spaces up near our front door - the bright yellow one!  The other units are open during the day so we try not to park outside any open units. In the evening there is much more space for parking


What else do I need to bring for my first session?

Please bring boxing gloves, a water bottle and cleaned indoor training shoes to change in to.  Grit and dirt damages our training surface so no outdoor shoes can be used in the gym unless they have been cleaned. 

Do you supply boxing gloves?

We encourage all participants to bring their own boxing gloves for all sessions. Due to the current situation, we do have a very limited amount of emergency gloves that we need to quarantine after each class. The RDX website is a good place to find affordable well made gloves. You can find them here.

Can I swap classes with my friend?
All places are non-transferable.




Is it safe to come to your gym during the Covid pandemic?

We follow England Boxing guidelines which allow us to remain open during this time.  Their stringent guidelines are in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19, and as we are following these guidelines, we are classed as Covid-secure. It is only by following the guidelines that we are able to remain open. 

The gym has been marked out to allow 6 training areas with a minimum of 2 metres between each area. Each class is limited to 6 participants plus the coach. 

If someone from my class tested positive for Covid 19, will I have to self isolate?

Despite all the measures we have put in place, we cannot guarantee that those attending a class are not touching the same surfaces or coming too close to other members. Therefore there is the likelihood that members will have to self isolate if they have shared a class with someone who then tests positive for Covid 19. 

Do you have Track & Trace in place?

In line with government guidelines, everyone aged 16 years old and over must now check in to the club when they attend a class using the NHS Track & Trace app. Those who are under 16, will be covered by the paper form we have been using to date. To check in using the app, you should download the NHS Covid 19 app and then scan the QR code when you enter the building. We have put up a QR code in the entrance, one halfway up the stairs and one on the noticeboard in reception.

What will happen if a member has a positive COVID test?

If a member has a positive result they should let the club know as soon as possible. This information will be kept confidential.
  • NHS Track & Trace should contact the members who they believe need to take action.
  • NPBA will be guided by the Track and Trace team as to what steps the club must take.
  • To make sure that nothing is missed, if we have been informed about a positive case, we will also contact members who have shared a class with the positive case.
  • We will recommend that anyone who has shared a class with a positive case should consider it as direct contact and follow guidance on the NHS website to that effect.
  • We might have to close the premises in order to conduct a deep clean which may mean that some classes are cancelled.
  • We may encounter a shortage of coaches if one or more coaches need to self isolate, which may also mean that some classes are cancelled.
  • Any missed classes due to having to isolate due to a case relating directly to the club or because the club has to close or cancel classes will be honoured.

    If you have any questions that haven't been covered in this section please call or text us on 07989 538044.