Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find info on what to expect from your class as well as some other questions we are frequently asked. 

Where do we park when we arrive?
When you arrive please park in the spaces up near our front door - the bright yellow one!  The other units are open during the day so we try not to park outside any open units. In the evening there is much more space for parking. Please also avoid parking in front of the self storage units at the far end of the yard.

What else do I need to bring for my first session?
Please bring a water bottle and cleaned indoor training shoes to change in to.  Grit and dirt damages our training surface so no outdoor shoes can be used in the gym unless they have been cleaned. We have boxing gloves you can use until you are ready to buy your own.

Do you supply boxing gloves?
Yes we do, but they can get a bit smelly! If you'd like to buy your own, look up brands such as RDX, Adidas, Venum and make sure you buy the right weight glove for you - sizes are done by ounce! 

Feel free to ask a coach what ounce glove you need but here is an approximation, all which are highly dependent on hand size and strength of punch!

Child - 4-8oz
Teenage girl - 8-10oz
Adult woman 10-14oz
Teenage Boy - 8-12oz
Adult man - 12-16oz

Can I swap classes with my friend?
All places are non-transferable.