Terms & Conditions - Boxing Club

Cancellations:NPBA has a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the class will be charged at the normal session rate and cannot be refunded.  Classes are non transferrable. 

Medical Information:All participants are required to disclose any relevant medical info - allergies, previous injuries -  before taking part in their first session.

Emergency Contact Information:Emergency contact details are taken for all participants at the point of joining a class.

Photo & Video Policy:Photos and videos may be taken for training, promotional and publicity purposes. All participants must consent to their image being used by completing the relevant section of the NPBA sign up form. 

Skills Level Policy:We pride ourselves on being an inclusive space for people of all ages and levels of skill and fitness. We provide a genuinely welcoming and supportive environment. All our classes are open to beginners but participants must also work to a level they feel comfortable with, stopping to rest or decreasing the time spent doing certain exercises if needed.

We do ask all participants to complete an initial form to detail their level of fitness and any health issues or injuries we need to be aware of. As part of this we also ask participants to keep us informed of any changes to their state of health.

We may occasionally inform a participant that a class is not suitable for them due to health issues or injuries. If you are unsure if you have an injury or health issue that may prevent involvement in the classes please contact us ahead of attending a class.

Data Policy:Northern Powerhouse Boxing Academy’s (NPBA) is committed to the management and protection of data (including special category data) collected in the course of our business, ensuring that we are compliant with current data protection law.  NPBA will ensure that all individuals (coaches and volunteers) who handle personal data on its behalf are aware of their responsibilities under this policy and other relevant data protection and information security policies, and that they are adequately trained and supervised.