New Pricing for Bundles

November 24, 2019 1 min read

From Monday 25th November 2019 our timetable, pricing and bundle structure will change. Gymcatch has been updated and changes will come into effect automatically when you log on.

Please see the graphic below for the new prices.

If you are a member of NPBA then you are eligible to purchase 'bundles' on Gymcatch which offer classes at a reduced rate.

From Monday, anyone purchasing a new bundle will now choose between a FITNESS bundle or a BOXING bundle due to the different prices for each class. There will be 4 class bundles and 8 class bundles available.

So if, for example, you come to 1 x fitness class a week, and 1 x boxing training class a week, you would buy a 4 Bundle for Fitness classes and a 4 Bundle for Boxing classes and this would cover a 4 weeks worth of training.

As previously, bundles expire after 30 days.

Please remember that ALL EXISTING bundles remain valid after 25th November until they expire or are used up!