Project Spark - Funded by Maverick Starts Trust

November 11, 2019 1 min read


Today we were working on a very special project made possible by the support of Maverick Stars Trust and England Boxing 🥊

We spent the day telling the stories of some of our members in a bid to spread the word about Northern Powerhouse and what the club means to those who train here. Aside from all the wonderful insights that we gained today, the phrase that popped up time and time again was “family - it’s like a family”.

We can’t wait to show you the short films that will be created from today’s efforts. Thank you to all those who helped out, gave up their Sunday to get involved (and get cold 🥶) and mostly to those who will be the stars of the show and put themselves in the unenviable and somewhat vulnerable position of being in front of the camera for the greater good of the club. 🙏 And thank you again to Maverick Stars Trust for making this all possible. 🌟