Safer Communities Fund

November 01, 2021 1 min read

We were recently awarded funding from the West Yorkshire Safer Communities Fund to deliver a year of Self Protection and Awareness Workshops to young women and girls in our local community.

Over the summer we had over 60 girls from the entire length of the Calder Valley (and some travelling from further afield) take part in our free 3 hour workshops which hope to empower young women by reducing everyday risks, build confidence to handle situations that escalate and teach some "easy to deliver" tactics when fighting back is necessary.

Throughout the Autumn we have continued the workshops for the local Girls Guides meaning that now over 100 girls have taken part in this workshop.

We are also keen to deliver into local high schools if anyone wants to help us spread the word! These workshops are fully funded so run at no cost to those attending.

Many thanks to the Major of West Yorkshire's Safer Communities Fund which helps voluntary, community groups, charities and partners keep their communities safe and feeling safe. Without this fund, offering these workshops for free would not have been possible. 🙌