Self Protection & Awareness Workshops⁣

February 13, 2022 1 min read

Over the last month we have been delivering our Self Protection and Awareness Workshops to all the Year 8 girls (over 80 in total!) at Crossley Heath Grammar School in Halifax.⁣
This 3 hour workshop hopes to empower young women by reducing everyday risks, build confidence to handle situations that escalate and teach some "easy to deliver" tactics when fighting back is necessary.⁣
One of the attendees, 12 year old Iris said after attending the workshop, "I wouldn't really have previously thought about the situations described in the workshop - around trusting people asking for help and how easily people can invade your personal space. The tips on how to look more confident and make yourself less vulnerable were really great, it's definitely make me think differently."⁣
Many thanks to the Mayor of West Yorkshire Safer Communities Fund which helps voluntary, community groups, charities and partners keep their communities safe and feeling safe. ⁣
Without this fund, offering these workshops for free would not have been possible. 🙌